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This week, Oliver and I discuss the Shirley Sherrod debacle and the bigger picture of the Obama Administration’s handling of race-related issues.  We also share our thoughts on the new Christopher Nolan film Inception.  And finally, in our one minute closing random thoughts, Oliver discusses the new bar for Asian American children and I discuss my concerns about the LAPD collecting leftover slices of pizza.

(Eds. note: We apologize for the audio issues.  Oliver’s audio occasionally sounds distorted (as if Sleigh Bells was handling the audio engineering) and I accidentally put my microphone about five feet from my mouth.)


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  1. Thong says:

    The Inception score is exceptional. The top never stops spinning by the way, the whole film is a dream as a way for Cobb to cope with the loss of his wife.

    With the Dubs, Jeremy Lin will have a better chance of developing as an NBA player being that Nellie gave the final approval of him and Nellie is known for developing good Point Guards and will give him more minutes than Phil Jackson would. Apparently, he wants to become a pastor later on in life and use basketball as the language to help folks out.

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