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About Poplicks 2.0

Welcome to the revamped Poplicks.com.

Blogger.com’s decision to stop supporting FTP-hosted blogs meant that we had to switch over to WordPress and we decided to use that as an excuse to revamp and relaunch Poplicks.

As you’ve likely noticed…our posting has declined, severely, in the last year. The main culprits are 1) family life (since JS became a dad a year ago) and 2) work, but rather than just atrophy to death, we thought a happy compromise would be to find a way to still create content but hopefully, in a more time-efficient manner.

Hence, the Poplicks Podcasts. This had been an experiment in the past but we never really took them on seriously but it seems that podcasting might be a way to generate content that would invigorate the two of us and hopefully, edutain ya’ll. We’ll still be doing normal posts too but we hope to make the podcast a weekly feature. iTunes users: you can subscribe here.

In the meantime, the “old” Poplicks still exists, back here, as a repository of the last 5 years. Hope you guys enjoy this and let the folks know: Poplicks is back!