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In our second podcast, we welcome guest Ann Powers, pop music critic for the Los Angeles Times. The three of us debated the present and future of the music industry, whether music downloading is bankrupting musicians, whether getting your songs onto a Twilight soundtrack is selling out, what American Idol mean for pop criticism and what states boast the biggest wangs (and we don’t mean O-Dub).

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  1. MrSkep says:

    Oliver, you interacted with the Taylor Hicks community for awhile back in the day. Didn’t hear much about that.

    Taylor sold 750K records (Ann panned these sales) – didn’t Adam Mister I Am Everything Lambert sell much less?

    1. Oliver says:

      I don’t think Ann panned his sales. She panned the fact that Taylor Hicks was never, nor is, part of the pop landscape today as are other previous Idol contestants. And that is absolutely true; Hicks simply wasn’t able to capitalize on his Idol success in the way others have. 750,000 is nothing to sneeze at but that’s back in 2006. As it fairly evident, we’re in a different time now in terms of what constitutes a “success” has to be adjusted to those new realities.

      Moreover, if you’re going to talk about Adam Lambert, I think what’s more relevant is about presence vs. album sales. Lambert, for better or for worse, is a much more present presence than Hicks was. So regardless of who sold more, I think one could easily argue that Lambert has been able to convert his Idol appearance into a greater impact on the pop world than Hicks was able to.

      1. MrSkep says:

        If that’s the conjuncture then yes, I agree although it’s hard to come to terms with what “impact on the pop world” actually means these days.

        Ubiquity implies something, I just don’t know what.


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